IMPORTANT: Please read our Terms and Conditions before ordering. By using our services you agree to be legally bound by these terms. These are our most popular dinner requests but we would gladly create a dinner to your specific requirements.

These are our most popular dinner requests but we would gladly create a dinner to your specific requirements. There will be additional costs for rentals, servers etc. depending on what style of dinner you choose. All menus are either Buffet, Family Style or Plated and are based on per person (minimum of 12).

SIWASH DINNER : Three courses

  • 1st course: Dandelion, local baby greens ,pea shoots,grape tomatoes with blackberry vinaigrette,
    Baskets of kelp glazed bannock
  • 2nd course: Herb and Fresh Lemon Marinated Grilled Alder Salmon served with
    Chilliwack Roasted Corn and Red Pepper Relish
    Seaweed and Wild Rice Pilaff
    Maple glazed Roasted root Vegetables
  • 3rd course: West Coast Berries with Ollali Sauce and Soapberry Whip

Buffet: $40.00,   Family Style $45.00, Plated Dinner $50.00

MUSQUEAM: Three Courses

  • 1st course: Wild Celery, sunflower tips, red onion and tomato salad drizzled with rose hip syrup and olive oil
    Kelp glazed Bannock
  • 2nd course: Stinging Nettle Pesto marinated grilled chicken breast with Fire Roasted Tomato Jam
    Whipped Potatoes with Crispy Wild Sage
    Husk-on Alder Smoked Chiliwack Corn with Parsley butter
  • 3rd course: Wild Rhubarb Galettes with Vanilla Honey Ice cream and swirls of chocolate

Buffet: $40.00,   Family Style $45.00,  Plated Dinner $50.00

THE NOOTKA SOUND: three or four courses

  • 1st course: and/or Creamy Smoked Oyster and bacon Chowder with smoked paprika oil
    Baskets of kelp glazed bannock
  • 2nd course: Roasted Golden and Red Beet Salad, caramelized apples, goat cheese
  • 3rd course: Seared Haida Gwaii Halibut topped with a warm roasted tomato and fresh thyme confit
    Orange and Honey Braised Fennel Grilled Red Onions
    Samphire Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
  • 4th Course: Lemon Curd Tart topped with Elderberry infused Meringue and sprinkled with Lavender Dust

Three Courses: Buffet: $40.00,   Family Style: $45.00,   Plated Dinner: $55.00

Four courses: Buffet: $45.00,    Family Style: $50.00,   Plated Dinner: $60.00

THE MUCAMUCK: three or four courses

  • 1st. course: Choke Cherry Glazed sliced Duck served on a bed of peppered arugula, hazelnuts, crisp pear and duck crackling
    Baskets of Kelp glazed Bannock
  • 2nd. course: Seared Salmon Cake with frizzled leeks, Spiced Wild Plum compote, pickled Sea Asparagus, Smoked Salmon Oil
  • 3rd. course: Birch Glazed Medallions of Venison with locally foraged Wild Mushroom Ragout
    Sweet Potato Cakes Nettle
    Pesto glazed Peppers
  • 4th course: Wild Rhubarb Creme Brûlée with white chocolate biscotti and sweet balsamic, strawberry glaze

Three courses: Buffet: $45.00,    Family Style: $50.00,    Plated Dinner: $55.00

Four courses:  Buffet: $50.00,    Family Style: $55.00,    Plated Dinner: $60.00

THE CHEMAINUS: 3 courses — Vegetarian

  • 1st course: Wild local greens such as dandelion, watercress and fern shoot salad,pickled fiddleheads,
    birch glazed pecans dried cranberries with a lemony, elderberry vinaigrette
    Baskets of kelp glazed Bannock
  • 2nd course: Thyme Roasted Cauliflower, caramelized fennel and onion tart with asiago and sage buttered bread crumbs Grilled Asparagus
    Roasted Tomato Salsa
  • 3rd. course: Chocolate Brownie drizzled with salty caramel sauce and a crunchy rose hip meringue cookies

Buffet: $35.00,      Family Style: $40.00,  Plated Dinner: $45.00

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